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Did You Know?
Most likely, you know the conflict that exist between those who follow Islam and Christianity, but did you know many of MANNA Worldwide programs are in places where Islam is predominant?

And, did you know over 70% of the children in MANNA Worldwide programs make professions of faith?

Recently, one of our missionary partners shared how one of the children in their feeding center had made a profession of faith. This child came from a Muslim family and her father was actively opposing the ministry that had been feeding his child.

Because of the love of Christ being shown to his family, the father now is a friend of the national pastor!

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When I first became Director of Central Africa, we had two projects that were unfunded.  "Unfunded" is a term we use to describe a program where there are no sponsors. This year, we had two churches take on and fund these projects. 

When churches, business' or individuals fund a project directly, MANNA can then take the funds going to that project, and use them for new projects until funding can be raised, like our newest project in Liberia!

New Country - Liberia!
This is a new country for MANNA and I am excited about this new program! We will be feeding around 200 children 5 days a week in a village that is 95% Islamic.


Please pray with us we will be able to find donors for this project. If you would like to be a part of this new, exciting project, please let me know.

Thank you!

Jeanie and I appreciate your prayers and support. Our motto is "Helping children find their smile when life hurts" and that is exactly what MANNA Worldwide does.  We would love to have you partner with us! 

You can do it several ways.  

  • One is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Like and share our post with family and friends.

  • Another is to lift us up in prayer as we raise our support and travel.

  • And finally, to consider supporting us on a monthly basis. You can go to our donate page to click on link.


If you would like to go to Africa on a mission trip next year, please contact me. We are in the planning stages now.

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