November News

One of the responsibilities that I have as a Director with Manna Worldwide, is to organize and lead trips to visit our projects around the world. Of course, being director of central Africa makes that my primary focus, but it will not be the only place I will organize and lead trips to.



This past August I had the privilege of going to Guatemala to work on a new property that we have just purchased. We spent quite a bit of time working on the property, but we also visited two of our feeding centers and our orphanage there. Once again, I was greatly impressed with what Manna Worldwide is doing. The two feeding centers that we visited are housed in buildings that MANNA Worldwide built. These buildings were built for churches that were started by our MANNA partners. MANNA is a compassion ministry with the goal of reaching people for Christ and discipling them, which is the Great Commission. It is not enough to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

We must share the gospel, then teach others how to share the gospel.

A few weeks ago, I travelled to the Philippines. My siblings and I are in the process of helping our parents come back to the States after being missionaries since 1971. My mother experienced two bad strokes back in June and she needs better medical care than they can get there.
To say that I am proud of my parents for their faithfulness to the call of God in the Philippines is a great understatement. They are a tremendous example for all of us.
Thousands of lives have been changed and countless churches have been started throughout the Philippines and around the world because of their influence for the cause of Jesus Christ.
This is and will continue to be a very difficult time for them adjusting to a new life back in the States.  I covet your prayers for my parents, Robert and Sue Phillips.

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I am in the process of planning trips to Africa for the summer of 2019. If you or your church are interested in going, please contact me and let me know. In the coming months, I will be sharing with you more details as I get them.