It’s time for school! Gary and I no longer have school age children, but can see the preparation of many everywhere we go.  There is the frantic shopping for school supplies and clothes and the joyous posting of pictures of children’s first days of school on social media.

For most families in the States, parents do not question if their child will be able to go to school. In fact, most have several options as to how they will educate their children.  This is not the case for many living in developing countries.

Imagine with me a mother who desperately wants her children to receive an education. She knows that without one, they are destined to live the same life of poverty as she, but because she has never had the money to pay for a birth certificate, her child cannot be admitted into school.

Picture in your mind, even if that mother had a birth certificate, she could not afford the uniforms and shoes that in many countries, the public schools require. Many families are caught in a never ending circle of poverty because the opportunities to better themselves are nonexistent or unattainable.

MANNA Worldwide is all about trying to break that cycle and give children the opportunities necessary to make it in life.  Many feeding centers around the world do more than just feed the children.

There were many times, we helped the families in our centers purchase birth certificates, uniforms, shoes and school supplies to assure our children could start school and stay there. Now, many years later, we have seen these children graduate from high school and go on to attend a trade school or college. 

This year, as you prepare for your own children to attend school, think about the blessings you have and if possible, look for ways you can make a difference in a child's life.

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