This past weekend, I visited Fairfield West Baptist Church in Fairfield, OH. Pastor Rob Rosenbalm and I have been friends for many years. The first time we met was in the Philippines. Rob, a youth pastor at the time, came over to do some ministry.

Later, Rob became pastor of FBC and led his church to get involved with MANNA Worldwide. The church took on our feeding center in Novaliches, QC, Metro Manila and for many years, Rob and a group from his church would visit the children.

Fairfield West not only supported our center financially, but took an active part in really knowing our kids.  

One particular trip, the group from Fairfield West took the kids to McDonalds.  They provided them with new t-shirts, loaded them up in jeepneys and took them to a nearby mall where they were treated with a McDonalds meal of fried chicken, rice, spaghetti and an ice cream sundae! (Filipino McDonald menu)

Many of these kids had never been inside a mall or had the opportunity to go to McDonalds. It was such a treat! This became a regular thing to do whenever a group from FBC visited.

Thank you FBC for your support for MANNA Worldwide and for the years you invested in our center in Novaliches. We appreciated all you did for us! We look forward to once again partnering with you!

-Gary Phillips